State Bushfire Plan

Victoria’s State Bushfire Plan provides an overarching view of responsibilities of agencies, government and communities in bushfire management.

The first version of the State Bushfire Plan was developed in 2012 in conjunction with the Country Fire Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and the Fire Services Commissioner.

The second version of the State Bushfire Plan was produced in 2014, with updates to reflect the changes in Victorian emergency management legislation and the emergency management sector.

The plan reflects an integrated approach and shared responsibility for bushfire management between government, agencies, business, communities and individuals.

Although intended as a reference document for fire and emergency management agencies, the State Bushfire Plan will be of equal interest to anyone who works or volunteers in bushfire management.

The State Bushfire Plan is a sub-plan of the State Emergency Response Plan (SERP), found in the Emergency Management Manual of Victoria (EMMV),  the principal document for guiding the State’s emergency management arrangements.

Click here to download a copy of the State Bushfire Plan (PDF 5.6 MB)